August 16


Regardless of whether we are currently unemployed or stuck in a 9 to 5 job that we hate, if the opportunity arose to better ourselves by starting a business would we be able to take it?

part time jobs from home

You might think the answer is yes, but sadly, many people prefer to remain in the same lifestyle they are in because it’s too scary to try something different.

Many people try to avoid risk and prefer to put up with what they currently have. Others are afraid of the responsibility, and then there are some who simply don’t want to be bothered, which is perfectly fine as we all need each of these types of people in our modern world.

For those who want to break out and make their own way in the world, there are easy business ideas that they can try out if they have the passion and the desire in that particular niche.

There are opportunities everywhere when and if you are looking and have the desire to start your own business.

Car Dealership

If you are passionate and know a thing or two about cars, setting up a used car dealership may be right up your alley. If you are good at haggling then you could buy a few secondhand cars, detail them and tune them up.

You really don’t have to do anything big except give them a good clean and polish, add a few extras such as a spoiler, and sell it on for a profit.


This is probably something you have done as a child, but adults who have children actually prefer another adult to babysit.


If you enjoy baking, cakes for parties and weddings are always needed. There are plenty of tutorials online for free that show you how to decorate a cake for just about any occasion.


Setting up your own blog takes only a few dollars, and once you have built up a following, you can earn some decent money. The most important thing is being consistent with your posting. You will need to write about things that your target audience wants to read as well.


People will always want someone to do the catering for them, whether it is a birthday, a party, an anniversary or a wedding.


You will be surprised how many people would actually like a house cleaner but never bother to look for one. Just start showing your business card around your local area. Many elderly people would love a hand at keeping the house clean. Once you get a few clients, word of mouth will be your best form of advertisement.

Computer Repair

If you know something about repairing computers, whether it is hardware or software, you can use your knowledge to make money. Many people do not have a clue about how computers work and many repair services charge a fortune for such services so it could be easy for you to compete against them.

Dog Walking

If you have a way with dogs and know a bit about dogs, you can become the neighborhood dog walker. A lot of people these days do not have the time to walk their own dogs or they may be disabled or elderly, so put fliers up around the area or pass out business cards.


If you are any good at gardening or landscaping, you could get some local jobs mowing lawns, weeding, tree cutting, or mulching. As long as you charge a decent rate and do a good job, you will always find work.


If you are good at the English language and excel at grammar, providing a proofreading service could earn you a decent amount of money depending on what you charge.

Elderly Care

If you have elderly people in the area, and let’s face it, we all do, you can see if any of them need help with shopping. Some people need help with other things and some may even need overnight care.

Many more easy business ideas exist, but these are the most simple and easiest to start off yourself and they don’t take much of a monetary investment to get started.

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